Issue Two: "Violence"

Here's our new topic for debate: unbounded by a definition, violence calls for a singular debate in the psychoanalytic field, and is ample enough so that we analysts not abstain from discussions partaking of the spirit of the times. We can contribute towards understanding such issues as political violence, democracy, dictatorship, globalization, terrorism, fascism, genocide, fundamentalism-- in sum, our daily life confrontations.   More.
Lic. Psych. Ana Paula Terra Machado
VIOLENCE: The Hiatus of the Word
Violence is intrinsic to the human being. Throughout ages and cultures, in its multiple facets, it has been and will always be present.
The superego – in principle a civilizing structure – is put into the service of an ideology and an ego-ideal which preaches blind death, including the death of the subject himself.
In 2014, the total number of deaths worldwide from terrorism increased by eighty percent when compared to the prior year, the largest yearly increase in fifteen years.
The Village, the Window, the Earth, the Trees; Violence reverberates around the globe in a stream of episodic attacks.
Dr. Eugene J. Mahon
Terror on the Couch
Recent acts of terror in Paris bring to mind two clinical examples of terror experienced, struggled with and redressed.
Dr. Robert Lindsay Pyles
Trauma, and the Fate of Nations
The fate of nations and individuals are often shaped by devastating trauma. Such events are frequently experienced by both, with an overwhelming and long-lasting sense of humiliation and helplessness
Dr. Leonardo Peskin
Why Violence
The deceitful invention of serious affronts suffered in the hands of "the others" justifies breaking the rules and creating exceptions to restore an alleged order.
Emotions, like childhood desires, fears, impulses and fantasies, prevail in adults in two different ways. They may be transformed and integrated, or repressed, split, or acted out.




  Call for Contributions
 Call for Contributions:
Psychoanalytic reflections on migration

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