Katharina Rothe


Katharina Rothe, Ph.D., is a clinical psychologist, psychoanalyst and psychosocial researcher. She is a graduate of psychoanalytic training and a member of faculty at the W. A. White Institute and maintains a private practice in New York City. She is widely published in academic journals and books on psychoanalysis, qualitative methods in psychoanalytic social research, sex and gender, anti-Semitism, racism and the aftermath of National Socialism (Monograph: Rothe, K. (2009). Das (Nicht-)Sprechen über die Judenvernichtung. Psychische Weiterwirkungen des Holocaust in mehreren Generationen nicht-jüdischer Deutscher. Gießen: Psychosozial.) She is a co-editor of the German journal Psychoanalyse. Texte zur Sozialforschung [Psychoanalysis, Contributions to Social Research] and an associate editor of Contemporary Psychoanalysis