Ps. Luciana Saddi


Psychoanalyst and writer. Effective member and teacher at the Brazilian Society of Psychoanalysis of São Paulo (SBPSP). Master’s in Psychology at PUCSP. Director of Culture and Community at SBPSP. Author of the books: O amor leva a um liquidificador [Love leads to a food processor] (Ed. Casa do Psicólogo), Perpétuo Socorro [Perpetual help] (Ed. Jaboticaba), and Educação para a Morte [Education for death] (Ed. Patuá). Coordinator of the series O que fazer? [What to do?] (Ed. Blucher) and coauthor of the book Alcoolismo [Alcoholism] (O que fazer? series, Ed. Blucher). Representative of the Endangered Bodies movement in Brazil. Founder of Grupo Corpo e Cultura [Group Body and Culture].