Psic. Marina Kon Bilenky

My 35-year experience in private practice, providing care to children, teenagers and adults has always been accompanied by a prolific activity in several institutions.  At the Brazilian Psychoanalytical Society of São Paulo, which I joined in the year 2000, I was president for the Association of Affiliate Members from 2003 to 2005; moreover, I was a member of the publishing committee of the Revista Brasileira de Psicanálise (Brazilian Psychoanalytical Journal) from 2004 to 2014, and I have been, for many years, organizing the Psychoanalysis and Education Symposium, the purpose of which is to promote discussions between education professionals and psychoanalysts.  At the Institute of Psychiatry of Hospital das Clínicas (University Hospital), linked to the School of Medicine of the University of São Paulo, I have been working as supervisor of all working psychoanalysts, as well as developing educational and assistance activities at the Outpatient Care Facility for Somatic Disorders (SOMA). Recently, I have written and published a book entitled Vergonha [Shame], destined for broad audiences, which belongs to a collection of works aimed at promoting psychoanalytical ideas to society in general.

Working at the e-journal is a challenge, in the sense of expanding the possibilities of discussions between psychoanalysts from all over the globe, as well as in the sense of promoting psychoanalytical ideas to the community of readers as a whole.