Dipl. Psych. Ursula Burkert

Prof. Rui Aragão Oliveira

Training analyst of the Portuguese Psychoanalytical Society/IPA.
I´m a training analyst of the Portuguese Psychoanalytical Society/IPA.
I have a PhD in clinical psychology and I have been teaching in public and private universities on psychoanalysis and psychoanalytical psychotherapy.

I published two books about psychotherapy with physically disable patients and managed several research projects on clinical psychology and physical rehabilitation, traffic offenders and drive accidents, and I had financial support from the IPA to run a research project titled “Experiences (outcome) of the psychotherapeutic process: a qualitative analysis of the post-treatment process of psychoanalysis and long-term psychoanalytic psychotherapy”.
Nowadays, I´m working full time in private practice in Lisbon, and I have been on the board of the Portuguese Psychoanalytical Society for the last 6 years, first as scientific secretary and as vice-president until present. I’m also the editor of the Portuguese Psychoanalytical Review.

Recently, I have been studying the paternal function in psychoanalytical technique, the “internal father”, and masculinity and the analytic relationship.