Dr. Leopold Nosek


Former President of SBPSP (Brazilian Psychoanalysis Society of São Paulo), FEBRAPSI (Brazilian Federation of Psychoanalysis) and FEPAL (Latin American Psychoanalytical Federation). Former member of IPA board. Former editor of IDE (a SBPSP publication which editorial line is the dialogue between psychoanalysis and culture), RBP (Brazilian Review of Psychoanalysis) and FEPAL (Latin American Magazine).

Granted Sigourney Award in 2014.
I am a full member of the International Psychoanalytical Association. I was the scientific secretary of the Argentine Psychoanalytical Association Journal and Cultural Commission Coordinator of the same society. Besides I have been developing  clinical practice since the beginning of my professional work.

My main purpose as co editor of the IPA e journal is to preserve the scientific level of our discipline and, at the same time, considering that our e journal belongs to the readers, make sure that it can represent  the widest group of the psychoanalytical societies all over the world. In October 1996 in Argentina,  I proposed and developed, with a group of colleagues, the first festival of Film & Psychoanalysis, and  I have been working on  the diffusion of our discipline since then.  Some of my ideas about the interrelationship on Psychoanalysis and Culture  are included in my book : “Un lector- espectador” ( a Reader -Spectator) published in 2012. Therefore, I expect that our e journal becomes a new way to spread   psychoanalysis.