About Us

On Saturday, July 25th, 2015, at the 49th International Congress of the IPA in Boston, the launch of the ejournal Psychoanalysis.today took place. Since that time we have continued  to publish papers covering topics of current interest for psychoanalysis and culture. This project aims to attract psychoanalysts all over the world and anyone else who is interested. Fulfilling a desire expressed  by the psychoanalytic community for launching an international and interregional publication, Psychoanalysis.today is a journal conceived with and presented by the enthusiastic participation of the IPA and the Regional Federations: APsaA /NAPsaC. EPF, and Fepal. Each organization is responsible for 25% of the costs and shares responsibilities to the same extent. From the beginning a team of eight editors was formed; two belonging to each organization. Each issue reflects a wide call for authors from all over the world. 

We are now looking for different ways to improve communication and technical resources in each publication with the assistance of personnel specialized in technology and digital support. Psychoanalysis.today is published in the five official languages ​​of the IPA: English, Spanish, Portuguese, French and German. A professional team of translators has been convened to bring us their help.  

In addition to the publication of the main articles, a space entitled 'Psychoanalytic Reflections' has been created so that interested people can publish shorter communications on current topics of psychoanalytic interest. Videos and interviews on the selected topics are also welcomed. We have also created a space called 'Psychoanalysis in the Community', featuring the various local projects in which institutes or individuals are participating that bring our psychoanalytic ideas and practices into local community work.

Facing new challenges in today's world implies perplexity and uncertainty and we aim to reflect on these. Our main objective is to inquire about the spirit of our time: the Zeitgeist. We continue to be challenged by the Sphinx's question today.